I want to return an unopened item and get a refund. What’s the process?

No problem, we can help sort that out for you. Here’s the process:

  1. Contact Customer Care seven days a week.
  2. If you submit a valid return request per our Return Policy, the Customer Care agent will process the return request for you. To be eligible for a return, please see the section titled “Returning a Magic Leap One” in our Return Policy. (Hint: your item must still be inside an original, unopened, sealed box.)
  3. If we process your return request, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your return is being processed and underway.
  4. If we accept your return for a Magic Leap One Creator Edition or Control, we will send you an outer shipping box to return your items. We’ll put a return shipping label inside that shipping box. For all other items, we’ll email you a shipping label. Your shipping label and shipping box are free of charge.
  5. Please place a printed copy of the return confirmation email plus the unopened Magic Leap One Creator Edition into the shipping box we sent you and affix the shipping label on the outside of the shipping box. Note: your item must be returned to Magic Leap with the shipping materials we give you.
  6. Once that’s ready to go, drop the box off at any UPS location or Kiosk.
  7. Once we receive your item(s), we’ll verify that your item(s) qualify for a return per our Return Policy. If so, your refund will be issued. The credit is issued approximately one week from the date the repair center receives the item back.
  8. If we cannot accept your return (e.g. because the seal on your box is broken), we'll be in touch to let you know why it was rejected and then ship your item(s) back to you as-is.


Good to know:

  • You are not responsible for any fees or costs associated with making an in-warranty claim. Magic Leap will pay for shipping costs.
  • We only exchange or repair opened purchased items if they’re covered by your applicable warranty (i.e. our One Year Limited Warranty or Extended Warranty).
  • We do not provide in-home services under our warranty policies.
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