Visual Calibration


Visual calibration is how your Magic Leap One learns to track your eye movements. During the process, you'll look at a target as it moves through different areas of your field of view. This process is important for two reasons:

  • To give you a more comfortable visual experience - your Magic Leap One changes how content is rendered based on where you're focusing so that it's more comfortable for your eyes
  • To enable eye tracking in apps - some apps use eye tracking to enhance your experience, like displaying more information when you look at an object or allowing your avatar to look where you're looking



Here are some tips to help you successfully complete visual calibration.

  • Make sure your device fits properly - Good fit helps the eye cameras better see your eyes. To help with fit, you can run the Fitting Guide in Settings > Device > Calibration
  • Make sure you're looking at the targets - If you're getting distracted by people or objects around you, try facing a wall or going to a room with less movement
  • Keep your eyes (comfortably) open - It's perfectly fine to blink. But if you're drowsy or your eyes are partially closed, it may be hard for the cameras to get a good view
  • Don't wear your glasses - Don't wear your glasses - Magic Leap One isn't designed to fit around glasses, so they may block the eye cameras or keep you from achieving a good fit. Try wearing contact lenses instead or purchase Prescription Inserts here.


If calibration is unsuccessful

If visual calibration is unsuccessful, it may increase your chances of having visual discomfort or eye strain. Please review our Safety Guide for more information. Apps that rely on eye tracking may also not perform properly.

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