How do I pair my Control?

First make sure that your Control is turned on. If you do not see an LED light on your Control touchpad, your Control is not turned on or it may be out of battery.

  • To turn on your Control, press and hold the home button for 1-2 seconds until you feel a vibration and see a ‘halo’ of teal light fill up around the edge of the touchpad
  • When your Control is on and ready to pair, you will see a gray cycling light on the outer edge of the touchpad.
  • To pair your Control, move it close to the Lightpack and wait for pairing to occur. Make sure there is a line of sight between the Control and the Lightpack.
  • When your Control is connecting or is trying to connect, you will see a blue LED pattern on the touchpad.
  • When your Control is successfully paired, you will see the LED ring on the touchpad converge to a solid blue. This will fade out after 1 second. If your Control fails to connect, it will shut off after 5 minutes.
  • If you are unable to pair your Control with the steps above, please connect your Control to the Lightpack via the USB-C cable found in your box.
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