Lightpack LED Status Indicator

Lightpack status and battery level LEDs are explained below. To check your battery level, simply graze your finger across the home button on Lightpack.


Lightpack Battery Levels


ml_lp_0.gif 0% Charged – Sign of Life ml_lp_5.gif 10% Charged
ml_lp_50.gif 50% Charged  ml_lp_70.gif 70% Charged
ml_lp_100.gif 100% Charged ml_lp_awake.gif Awake
ml_lp_charging_power_on.gif Charging (80%) Power On ml_lp_charging_in_off.gif Charging (70%) Power Off


Lightpack Indicator Status

ml_lp_starting_up.gif Starting up ml_lp_sleep.gif Sleep
ml_lp_fastboot.gif Fast Boot ml_lp_device_search.gif Device Search
ml_lp_pairing.gif Pairing / Paired ml_lp_reality.gif Reality
ml_lp_update_success.gif Updating with Success ml_lp_update_failure.gif Updating with Failure
ml_lp_thermal_warning.gif Thermal Warning ml_lp_software_failure.gif Software Failure
ml_lp_hardware_failure.gif Hardware Failure ml_lp_audio.gif Audio
ml_lp_shutting_down.gif Shutting Down


Product is continually advancing and may be different depending on your version of the software and hardware.

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