How do I follow friends in Social

You can follow friends in Social from Find Friends results, from another user's profile, and from New Follower notifications. Select the Follow button to start following someone.

To get started, open the Social app and go to Find Friends. From there, you can search for other users with their Magic Leap ID Nickname or email (in their profile). From the Find Friends results, select the Follow button to start following someone.

You can also link a Google account to view recommended Magic Leap users from your Google Contacts. We automatically recommend your friends whose Magic Leap ID email address matches someone in your contacts, so long as that friend’s privacy settings are set to allow you to search for them via email.

Finally, if you are interested in having people find you - you may want to review your privacy settings. To access your privacy settings, go to your profile and select the icon on the bottom left that reads “Preferences.” From there, you will see a few tabs on the left; navigate to the Privacy tab.

There are a few settings you can adjust from the Privacy tab, including Who can search for me, Who can cast to me, and Who can see my email (in your profile). You have the option to set these visibility and searchability preferences to:

  • Everyone (all Magic Leap users),
  • Mutual (only users who are manually following each other), or
  • No One (which means you are not visible or searchable to anyone).
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