How to Properly Fit Your Magic Leap One

Welcome to your Magic Leap One! As you get started, one of the most important items to get right is a proper fit. This guide will allow you to customize the device and fine tune it just for you!

Magic Leap One was designed for indoor use in normal lighting conditions. Bright sunlight or dark rooms may impact performance. We suggest using it in rooms with fewer mirrors, windows, or black surfaces to allow applications and experiences to more accurately interact with your space.

Inside the Magic Leap One box, you’ll find a Fit Kit which includes Nose Pads and Forehead Pads. When you turn on your device for the first time, it will walk you through the initial setup. You may be prompted to use the Fit Kit components to ensure your device is tailored just for you, so keep them close by.

Before you get started, here’s how to properly position your Lightwear.

  1. Start with your Lightwear facing away from you.
  2. Pick up the device with your hands near the back at the left and right fit pads to expand.
  3. Gently pull outward.
  4. Place over your head.
  5. Rest the front of your Lightwear on your nose with the back angled towards the crown of your head.
  6. Close inward and push gently to tighten.
    1. Be mindful of the cord length between Lightpack and Lightwear. Having the cord around your back and over your shoulder is typically the most comfortable and takes the strain off the cable.

Press the power button on your Lightpack to turn the device on.

Once your device is powered on, you will pair your Control. Then you will be walked through on-device set up which includes calibration, Magic Leap ID set-up, and Wifi configuration. Completing this process will ensure:

  • Optimal display visibility (maximum experience and field of view)
  • Advanced features - Optimized eye-tracking performance
  • More comfortable fit

Fitting Guide - During this part of set up, the system is looking at your eyes to determine if you have the appropriate Fit Kit combination for eye-tracking functionality. The system will indicate what Nose Pad and Forehead Pad you may need to exchange.

Visual Calibration - As you use your eyes to follow a series of dots moving in depth, the system is working to understand how your eyes focus and adjust to different depths.   

Do you wear glasses? Prescription Inserts for Magic Leap One are available here.

Remember, proper fit is critical to your Magic Leap One experience.  If you need to re-do your fitting and visual calibration, simply navigate to Settings > Device > Calibration. Always run the fitting guide before running the visual calibration. Finally, if someone else uses your Magic Leap One, you should have them go through the proper fit experience as well.

You’re now ready for liftoff!

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