Update Magic Leap One Devices in Settings

Users have the ability to manually update their devices to the latest Lumin OS version within the Settings of their Magic Leap One device.

The below steps are what they would experience on their device.

Once a user has completed the Out of Box Experience (OOBE), they should do the following to check for an update.

NOTE: If this is a new device, please allow for 20-30 minutes for the device to receive the OTA Notification.

Your device will require a minimum battery charge of 60% to begin the update.

** Please ensure the device is connected to a reliable Wifi network **

 1. Navigate to Settings in the top toolbar


2. With the touchpad, highlight Device and pull the trigger.

NOTE: For devices with 0.91, ensure the Auto Download option is NOT turned on.

3. With your Control. click on Check for Updates (This will be available after approximately 15-20 minutes after new devices have been successfully connected to WiFi with their Magic Leap ID)


 4. Hover over and click on Update Details


5. Click Download and follow the screen prompts to complete the installation.

 4. A progress indicator bar will be displayed detailing the amount of download remaining. Users can navigate the landscape during this process.

 5. Once completed, users will see Downloaded verbiage indicating the process has completed

 6. Once downloaded, the package will be verified for any issues.

 7. Our End User License Agreement (EULA) will be displayed asking the end user to Agree or Cancel before proceeding.

 8. Users will be provided a Cancel or Install & Restart option.

 9. The install will progress with an indicator bar

 9. The final step could take a few minutes, as post-install cleanup occurs and the device will restart.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to update your control, plugging it into your Lightpack via a USB-C cable, after the lightwear restart completes.

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