Angry Birds First Person Slingshot FAQs

How do I begin?

Use the controller to point at a flat surface that the device has scanned. You can see this by the white dots appearing on the surface. The "Place level" marker will turn green when a suitable surface is highlighted. Press the trigger to place the game and get to the level selection.

How do I start a level?

In the “Select Level” menu, use the controller to point and click the Leftwards/Rightwards arrows or swipe on the touchpad to select different levels. Click “PLAY” button to start the selected level.

How do I win a level?

Pop all the piggies by flinging the birds before the birds run out.

How do I work the slingshot?

The handheld controller is the slingshot. You can even lift it up and turn it around to take a better look at the bird in the sling. Once you squeeze the trigger, the slingshot is locked mid-air, and your controller locks onto the bird in the slingshot. Move your controller back to stretch further to gain more power to your shot. An arc of white dots shows roughly where the bird will land. Release the trigger to shoot the bird.

How do I move the slingshot to a new location once I have already activated it?

While holding the trigger to stretch the bird, bring your hand forward to the same position where you activated the slingshot. If you look at the slingshot, you’ll notice when it is returned to the initial position. You can then release the trigger, and your controller turns into moving the slingshot again.

How do I activate the special abilities of the yellow and blue birds?

The yellow bird will dash forward if you press the trigger while it is in the air. It is very effective against wood. The blue bird will split into three if you press the trigger while it is in the air. With the right aiming and timing, it can hit several targets at once. It is also very effective against ice.

Why can't I clear this level? (referring to hidden TNT or vantage points to try)

On some levels, the piggies can be better hidden than others. So make sure you look at the level from all directions if it seems that you still didn’t get that last piggy. On several levels there are also tricks to make everything collapse or explode. Look for things that seem to be holding other things up - especially if those other things hold boxes of explosive TNT. The TNT will blow up if it falls from high enough, or if something falls on it from high enough.   

Also be sure to use the yellow and blue birds’ special powers. After slinging them to air, pull the trigger again to activate their powers mid-air. Chuck, the yellow bird, speeds up and crashes to objects with high energy - being especially powerful against wood structures. The Blues split into three, and are especially powerful against ice.

 How do I get a better score?

Try moving further away from the play area. Notice the numbers on the slingshot. The greater the distance, the higher the score multiplier will be. At 3 feet (1 meter) from the piggy city, the slingshot will display "2x" and the score you get for that bird will be doubled. At 6 feet (2 meters), the slingshot will display "3x" and the score for that bird will be tripled. You get points for destroying building blocks and pigs.

How do I move the level to another position, e.g. from a table to the ground?

In the “Select Level” menu, there is a button with an arrow down/halo image  icon on the right of the “Play” button. By clicking it, you can reposition the level.

How do I get the best experience in my room?

Before starting the game, walk around the area you want to play in to make sure all surfaces are scanned.

How large of a surface do I need for an ideal play space?

The level itself requires about 4ft by 4ft for placing it. You should also reserve some space around the surface so that you can look at the levels from different angles.

Will my progress be saved?

The game automatically saves your progress. You’ll see how many stars you got on each level, by browsing through the levels in the level selection screen.


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