Sennheiser AMBEO AR One Headphones

How does the AMBEO AR One connect to the Magic Leap One?

First, insert the AMBEO AR One ear hooks into your ears before putting on the Magic Leap Lightwear. Ensure that the cable is routed in front of your body and that your freedom of movement is not restricted. Use the supplied cable clip to relieve cable strain and reduce structure-borne noise. Plug the 3.5 audio jack into the socket on the Magic Leap Lightpack.

How to insert the ear hooks correctly?

Select the correct size of ear tips (S, M, L). Make sure that you choose the correct ear hook for each ear (L for the left ear/ R for the right ear). Place the ear hook above the ear and insert the ear tips carefully into the ear channel.

How to insert the Comply™ ear adapters correctly?

Roll the Comply™ ear adapters between your fingers and insert the earphones into the ears. Hold the earphones for at least 15 seconds so that the compressed Comply™ ear adapters can expand and sit snuggly in your ear.

What kind of power supply does the AMBEO AR One require?

The AMBEO AR One requires 1 AAA battery (LR03/1.5V) as the power supply for the Transparent Hearing feature. The operating time is about 16 hours. Rechargeable batteries can be used as well.

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