Device Reset FAQs

Can I remotely reset my device?

Yes, you can remotely reset your Magic Leap One in the “Devices” section of the ID Portal ( Device resets can only be performed on devices that you are currently logged into with your Magic Leap ID (MLID), turned on and are connected to WiFi.


Why would I want to reset my device?

In the event that you do not have physical access to your device (it is lost or stolen) or you forget your device PIN code (and don’t have the device setup for MLDB access via the creator mode).

How do I perform the reset?

1. Go to and log in with the email you used to go log in to your Magic Leap One.

2. Go to the Devices section to view all devices associated with your MLID.

3. Click the Magic Leap One associated with your serial number.

4. Click Reset Device.

5. You will then be sent a challenge code via the email you are logged in with to confirm this is you performing this reset. This must be successfully confirmed before continuing.


Does my device need to be connected to wifi for the remote wipe to be completed?

Yes, the device needs to be connected to a previously known WiFi network.

Will I receive a confirmation that the reset was successful?

At this time there is no confirmation that a reset was successful; however, it will be removed from your list of devices if/when another MLID is used to log in on Magic Leap One.

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