Magic Leap Device Reset

Users now have the power to manage their devices via the Magic Leap Identity Portal. The device reset will bring your device back to its original state. All Operating System updates will be retained.

VERY IMPORTANT: All applications from ML World or manually installed plus any customizations will be removed from the device.

This action allows our customers to own their devices and should be used in the event that you cannot remember your device PIN or your device has been lost or stolen, so you can quickly take action to secure your data and property (physical and intellectual). 

Note: In order for the remote wipe to work, you must be connected to the last known Wifi network the device was associated when used.


1. Go to and enter your email address used for Magic Leap.


2. Check your email and you will receive a code to enter.



3. Once authenticated, you will navigate to Devices on the left column.


4. Highlight your device and click on it.

5. Click on Reset device to receive a reset verification code


  1. Once you enter your code, you will be offered one final chance to confirm this action.



On Device

  1. On your device navigate on your device to the Settings.
  2. Choose Identity
  3. Scroll all the way down and click on Take me to Factory Reset 



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