Luna: Moondust Garden FAQs

Overall Tips

Comfort and relaxation is the name of the, it's Luna, but you know what we mean! We hope you feel relaxed while playing. The game can be played standing, walking around, or our favorite, sitting on the floor. Feel free to move around, kneel down and look at objects more closely.

How to use the Control to Play

To interact with objects in the world, point the cursor around and highlight what you want to use. Use the trigger to activate the "vacuum". This will allow you to pick up seeds, moondust or other objects from the world. Once you have collected a seed plant it by holding down the bumper button and place it in a recognized surface. To help your seeds grow, collect moondust, hover over your planted seeds or sprouts and tap the bumper. The more moondust you collect the higher the gauge around your cursor will get.

What is the best environment to play?

For best gameplay we suggest a medium to a small room as opposed to large open spaces. To set the mood, dim the lights slightly and find a quiet place to relax and unwind with Luna.

Can the game be saved?

No, there are no save features because it is meant for meditation more than motivation. You don't need to start Luna once the app is opened; it is all ready for you. When you are ready to leave the world of Luna, hold the home button for three seconds.

What the best volume level to play?

The game is best played with a medium volume. A narrator will guide you through the game, providing information and making you feel as though you are in a storybook. There are some chimes and high frequencies so choose the volume most comfortable for you.

Can I use my hands to interact?

No, there are no gesture, voice or hand inputs needed. You will explore using the Control.

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