Kiosk Mode Instructions

Kiosk mode puts Magic Leap One in a restricted mode where guests can use one and only one app. A device in kiosk mode is secured with a PIN that must then be provided to exit kiosk mode. While in kiosk mode, users can run fitting and visual calibration, but no other settings are available.

Enable Kiosk Mode

  1. Go to Settings > System > Kiosk (Beta).

    Note: If you have set a device passcode, you must enter it to access this page.
  1. Select the app you want to showcase from the drop-down list.

    Note: Only installed immersive apps are available. You can showcase only one app at a time.

  1. Click Start Kiosk Mode.

    Magic Leap One prompts the user to define a kiosk mode PIN. This 6-digit number is required to exit kiosk mode. The kiosk mode PIN is not preserved between kiosk mode sessions.

    Note: Keep the PIN in a safe location.
  1. Confirm the kiosk mode PIN. To exit kiosk mode, you must hold the Control home button for 5 seconds, and then enter your kiosk mode PIN.

  1. Press OK and the app you selected launches in kiosk mode.

Exit Kiosk Mode

  1. With Magic Leap One is in kiosk mode, press and hold the Control home button for 5 seconds to bring up the menu.

  1. Select Exit Kiosk Mode. You will need to enter the kiosk mode PIN created when you entered kiosk mode. Once the PIN is confirmed, kiosk mode ends and the Launcher appears.

Note: If you forgot your PIN, please call Magic Leap customer service at 833-45-MAGIC, who will help perform a remote wipe to recover the device.

Known Issues

Kiosk mode only displays 10 available immersive apps. If more than 10 apps are available on Magic Leap One, only the first 10 are visible when setting up kiosk mode.




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