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Unknown Credit Card Charges From “”

Magic Leap brings the next era of computing and mobile entertainment to you today. The Magic Leap One is a groundbreaking spatial computer that takes augmented reality to the next level.

If you see unexpected charges from Magic Leap or, please keep the following common ordering scenarios in mind:

When an order is placed Magic Leap will contact your card-issuing bank to verify the validity of the payment. Your bank will then hold the funds until the completion of the sale or the expiration of the authorization.

These holds may occur for the following reasons:

  • Verifying validity of card
  • Authorizing a sale amount
  • Reauthorizing sale due to delayed shipment

To remove holds remaining from a canceled order please contact your bank.

You may see other authorizations in addition to the initial attempt as your order is processed by Magic Leap.

These could include:

  • An order being split into multiple shipments or sent to multiple addresses
  • A reattempt of a previously declined authorization
  • The fulfillment of a backorder
  • The fulfillment of a pre-order/reservation

These transactions will typically appear in a pending status and will expire if a sale is not completed. When an order is completed and shipped, the credit card charge will be settled and the pending transaction will post to your account. At this point, your account has been billed for the payment to Magic Leap. You will not be charged until your product is shipped or digitally delivered.

Please keep in mind that a charge you may not recognize could have been made by a family member or other authorized user online or in Magic Leap World (our on-device App Store).

Please contact us with any additional questions or to review your previous purchases.

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