Game of Thrones (Mini Demo Experience)

The below information is what is expected during the experience for customers within the Los Angeles and Dallas AT&T stores. (For updated store listings visit here)

Experience Setup

  • On the launcher, locate the HBO | GOT app, scroll your thumb on the touchpad to highlight and snap the trigger to select.
  • This experience requires an 11ft blank wall.
  • The app will tell you that it is “Now Loading.”
  • Once the content has loaded, point the ray at “Begin Experience” and snap the trigger.
  • The app will notify you to scan the environment. Eight rings will appear one at a time. Use head position to locate the ring and stay aligned until the ring has fully frosted over. The device will notify you when complete.
  • Wall selection: once the wall is selected, the user should snap the trigger to select the wall, a dragon glass dagger appears.  Run through the app to ensure good placement.

Experience Run

  • A dragon glass dagger appears in front of you. Reach out with the Control and grab the dagger. (You may have to instruct the user to step forward and grab the dagger.)
  • Use head position to look at the wall selected during setup. The wall will begin to form with ice and crack.
  • Stab the White Walker to win.
  • Snap the trigger to reset/restart the experience.
  • Select the wall for placement before handing to a guest.


  • If headpose was lost during the experience, you will be asked to locate the rings again before selecting the wall.
  • If tracking seems off or slanted, reboot the Magic Leap One.
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