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Affirm’s In-store Virtual Card is a one-time use prepaid debit card (Mastercard) that has a fixed available balance. Affirm generates the virtual card with card number, expiration & CVV. The In-store Virtual Card is only available at select authorized store locations. Each store processes the card using their existing card processing system.

Customers can only use each card once towards the purchase they intended when requesting the loan. Virtual cards expire within 24 hours of issue and customers can’t use them at a different store.

The store can only charge up to the original purchase amount.

Product details

  • First payment due to Affirm one month after the checkout is processed.
  • Real-time credit decision.
  • No hard credit inquiry.
  • Merchant-defined minimum cart threshold.
  • Merchant-defined interest settings (i.e., zero percent financing only, interest-bearing only, or both offerings).
  • First payment due to Affirm one month after the checkout is processed.
  • Real-time credit decision.
  • No hard credit inquiry.

Application requirements

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • A U.S. Mobile phone number that can receive SMS
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Date of birth
  • A valid U.S. or APO/FPO/DPO home address

Affirm sometimes requires additional information to evaluate a credit application & confirm the identity of the applicant. This may include a bank checking account, proof of a government-issued ID, or income verification.

Frequently Asked Questions about Affirm Virtual Card

Before purchase

Does my Virtual Card work anywhere?

Your Virtual Card will only work at the store where you applied for it.

Can my Virtual Card be used at multiple locations, multiple times?

No, you can only use the Virtual Card towards the purchase for which you requested the loan.

How do I use a Virtual Card in a store?

When you use a Virtual Card in stores, show the card to the salesperson, tell them that you’re paying with a MasterCard, and ask them to key in the number just like a credit card.

Where can I find my Virtual Card number for reference?

There are two ways to locate your Virtual Card number after you’ve created it:

  • Affirm will send you an email and SMS confirmation with a link to your Virtual Card. Click the link and sign in to your Affirm account with your mobile number. After signing in, you will find an image of your card and loan details.
  • Sign in to your Affirm account at and click on the relevant loan to find the card number in the “Loan Details” section.

Can I add more money to the card to meet to purchase amount? For example, my card value is $100, but my purchase is $150.

No but you can apply for a larger loan amount. Sign in to your Affirm account at and click Edit Amount on the Virtual Card.

Caution: Clicking Edit Amount on a current Virtual Card cancels the card and your loan request so that you can request a new card and loan. We cannot guarantee that you will be approved for a higher amount and you may be declined for a larger purchase.

How can I cancel the Virtual Card if I changed my mind?

To cancel a Virtual Card, click the email or SMS confirmation link that was sent to you when you created the card. After signing in to your account, click the cancel button. Sales reps cannot cancel cards on your behalf. If you do not use your card within 24 hours, the card will expire, and no payment will be due.

After purchase

If I didn’t use the full amount on the card, will my loan terms be adjusted to my actual purchase amount?

No, any unused funds on your card are applied as an adjustment to the final payments on your loan. We do not adjust your loan terms to reflect total amount used towards the purchase.

If I didn’t use the full amount on the card, what happens to the funds I didn’t use?

Affirm will apply any unused funds towards the principal, reducing the amount of the last payment due.

Why does it take 3 days to see my credit for unused funds?

We wait 3 days because it may take some time for merchants to process all the items in your order. If we apply a credit to your account of unused funds, your monthly payment amount will remain the same, and the refund will be applied to your final monthly payment(s).

If I return an item, when will the return/refund show on my account?

After you return an item, the refund should reflect on your Affirm loan within 3 business days after the merchant processes the refund.

If I return an item and the merchant credits the Virtual Card that was used to make the purchase, will that credit be applied to my monthly payments or can I use the credit toward another purchase?

Returning an item triggers a refund toward your Virtual Card. We will apply the refund as an adjustment to the final payments on your loan. You cannot use your refund towards another purchase. To make another purchase, you must request a new loan to receive a new Virtual Card.

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