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The Magic Leap Mobile App mimics much of the same functionality as the Magic Leap One Control, with a couple exceptions.

Control Interface

  1. Active Menu
  2. Keyboard Input
  3. Capture
  4. Virtual Touchpad
  5. Bumper
  6. Home
  7. Trigger
  8. Volume control (when the Mobile App is active via Bluetooth) (not shown)



The Capture feature allows you to take a picture (digital + world cameras) and videos.

  • Single press to capture a picture
  • Long hold to capture video (long hold again to stop recording)

Interacting with Lumin OS

Use Magic Leap One Apps

Keyboard Input

For quicker text entry, launch the keyboard (ref #2) through the Mobile App.

  • Send text entries by pressing Submit/Send
  • Single-line field grows automatically as more text is added
  • Swipe-to-type supported if installed on device
  • Auto-complete and suggested words supported
  • Native iOS and Android Copy/Paste supported
  • Voice dictation supported

Gallery Feature

You can browse all local pictures and videos stored on your mobile phone, and you can upload one or multiple files to the Magic Leap Cloud Library. Once your photos and videos are stored in your Cloud Library, you can access and download them via the native Gallery app installed with Lumin OS on your Magic Leap One device.

Using the Gallery feature makes sharing pictures and videos from your phone to your device simple and fast. Conversely, you can take pictures or videos on your device and share them from the Gallery app to the Mobile App using the same Magic Leap Cloud Library folder. You can also delete files from your Cloud Library.

Gallery also supports viewing and sharing 3D model files (OBJ, FBX, and glTF) via the Mobile App external sharing feature. You can open a supported 3D modeling app (for example, Sketchfab) and download a 3D model. To upload the file to your Magic Leap Cloud Library, tap on the native Share button and select Magic Leap from the list of options.

Device Sizing Feature

This feature will recommend a device size (for example, Size 1 or Size 2) if you're planning on purchasing a Magic Leap One Creator Edition. Use your phone’s camera to measure your IPD and, based on that measurement, it will recommend one of two sizes available.



  • Display Name — The name that will appear when you pair the Mobile App with your Magic Leap One device.
  • Enable Controller Discovery — Enable or disable Mobile App advertising as a control.
  • Enable Haptic Feedback — Enable or disable receiving haptic feedback sent from your Magic Leap One device.
  • Setup Guide — Provides several pages on how to pair the Mobile App with your device. Also gives you the ability to measure or remeasure your IPD, which can be used to suggest a device size. Setup Guide is presented to you the first time you log in successfully to the Mobile App. Once you take action, it will never show up again.

Account Management

Tap on your profile picture to launch Account Management. From here you'll be able to edit your Magic Leap Identity profile or upload a profile picture through your phone (for example, from your camera or photo library). You'll also be able to see what the last recommended device size was.


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