The Control provides an important way to interact with Magic Leap One.

gsgd magic leap control diagram numbered

  1. Touchpad (XY touch locations in a -1.0 to 1.0 range inclusive, force touch functionality, touch events and binary pressed/not pressed)
  2. Bumper Button (binary pressed/not pressed)
  3. Trigger (0.0 to 1.0 reporting range)
  4. Home Button (for system and power commands).

Button Input Behavior

Input behavior making its way across our platform.

1 - Touchpad

2 - Bumper

3 - Trigger

{Action = Pull to Select}
{Action = Long Squeeze and Hold} 
[Input/Output Behavior = Extract and Move; releasing will usually place an object]

4 - Home

{Action = Double-press}
[Input/Output Behavior = While in a Landscape app, it will open the Icon Grid]
{Action = Single-Press} 
[Input/Output Behavior = Creators may use this functionality to let users move back within the app's own menus]
{Action = Hold Trigger and Home button for 3 seconds} 
[Input/Output Behavior = Powers down the Control]
{Action = Press and Hold for 1 second} 
[Input/Output Behavior = Powers on the Control] 


LED Behaviors

Calibrate the 6DoF Control

6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) in Magic Leap One is the ability to use the Control in order to freely move and rotate digital content in space. 6DoF also enables control rays, such as the Control pointer in Lumin Runtime. 6DoF motion is tracked on three axes of translation and three axes of rotation.

6DoF tracking uses a multitude of sensors on both the Control and the Lightwear to enable tracking. In some environments these sensors can come out of calibration.

If you experience degraded performance (such as tracking that is repeatedly floating off into space), please perform the calibration motion ("figure 8" motion for both the Control and the Lightwear) and the automatic algorithms will recalibrate your device.


Many issues can be resolved as described in previous sections.

Pair Control

If Magic Leap One reports no Control or Magic Leap App is detected, use a USB-C cable to connect the Control to the Lightpack. The Control should sync.

Six Degrees of Freedom

Try the following steps if Control does not receive six degrees of freedom (6DoF). After every step, check if the problem is solved before going further.

  1. Verify that the Control is charged.
  2. Wave the Control in a figure-8 pattern for a few seconds.
  3. While wearing the Lightwear, look and turn your head up, down, left and right for a few seconds.
  4. Reboot the Control.
  5. If rebooting the Control has not resolved the issue, reboot the Lightpack as well.
  6. Check the LED colors of the Lightwear, the Lightpack, and the Control to make sure you see the "normal" operation color. If not, then look up the error and report it to us.

For a comprehensive list of the Control LED Behaviors please refer to the Magic Leap One LED Guide.

See the Control Tips and Troubleshooting and How do I pair my Control? guide.


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