Launcher and Apps

You launch Magic Leap One apps and experiences with the Control from the Magic Leap Launcher. The Launcher is home to all your Magic Leap experiences and where you configure settings. The Launcher is where you start when Magic Leap One powers up, and it's an easy place to power down.


To launch an app:

From the Launcher, you'll use the Control to launch your apps:

  1. Use the Control pointer or touchpad to navigate to the app.
  2. Tap the Control trigger to select the app.
  3. Move the prism to a good location in the Landscape, and then tap the trigger to confirm.

Align Launcher to Your View

While moving around your setting, you might leave Launcher behind. Moreover, apps can obscure or hide the Launcher. In practice, Launcher is never far away.

To center the Launcher in your view, tap the Home button.

To uninstall an app:

  1. Use the Control pointer or touchpad to navigate to the app.
  2. Press firmly on the touchpad until the menu appears.
  3. Select the icon and then tap the trigger.

Interacting with Immersive Apps

Immersive apps can be paused and resumed.

To pause an immersive app:

  • Long hold the Home button.

To resume a paused immersive app:

  • Launch it again from the Launcher.

Interacting with Landscape Apps

Landscape apps can be moved, put into follow mode, focus/de-focused, and closed. More actions are available in the app options.

To move a Landscape app:

  1. Hold the trigger.
  2. On the touchpad:
    • Press left to shrink the prism and press right to enlarge it
    • Press up to move the prism farther, press down to move it closer
    • Radial swipe to rotate the prism around its center
  3. Tap the trigger to confirm the app's new location in the Landscape.

To put a Landscape app into Follow mode:

  1. Tap the bumper.
  2. Select the icon. The app now keeps its distance and position relative to you.

To de-focus a Landscape app:

  • Look away from the app and tap any input on the Control. -or-
  • Activate a different app.

To focus a Landscape app:

  • Look at the app and tap any input on the Control.

To close a Landscape app:

  • Double-click the bumper.

Changing System Settings

System settings can be changed by selecting the icon at the top of the Launcher.

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